Amy DiMaria

Portrait Photographer * Amber Light Studio * Cicero North Syracuse

I am a portrait photographer based in Central New York. I primarily shoot in natural light because I find it most flattering but I also have a studio I would love to have you visit! My goal as a photographer is to capture the best of you, to make you feel beautiful, and to make our session together memorable and fun!

 I also have a special fondness for the arts, aspiring performers, and young people trying to find their way in this world. I hope to work with many of the beautiful people from my community and provide them with gorgeous images that will help them showcase their uniqueness and promote their events.


Since I was a child I have enjoyed capturing beautiful things. When I was a little girl I would sit in the grass in my backyard and search for four leaf clovers. I would chase fireflies at night and wander the woodland near my house looking for pretty places to picnic with my friends.  Now that I am an adult and mom to two extraordinary children, I have learned to treasure the beauty in people and special moments.  Being a photographer allows me to freeze those moments in time and make them last forever. 

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