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March 27, 2022

Quotation JournalThematic JournalsQuotation Journal: A place to record quotes by favorite authors and inspiring people

I use journals for self-expression, healing, and documenting my existence on this beautiful Earth!  I have a mind that is always overflowing with creative ideas, to-do lists, questions, quotations, and reflections!

Guided JournalingGuided Creativity Journal Guided Journals Give Writing Prompts, Can Be Useful In A Therapeutic Way, And A Fun Diversion!

Until recently, I was intimidated by journaling. I thought I had to write my musings as if I were a classic author and putting pen to paper seemed like a daunting task! When the pandemic arrived I discovered the various types of journals and how they could benefit my creative and over-active mind!  

Travel journal Travel JournalDream Destination Journal For Planning and Documenting Trips And Noteworthy Places!

I have over a dozen journals that I use at various times of the week, month, and year. 

These include:

Enchanted Life Journal: This is a meaningful journal I created that I am passing down to my daughter and hopefully future generations. It is comprised of musings based on all the things that make my life beautiful and worth living.  nature, literature, art, seasons... 

I used A LOT of scrapbooking materials in this one to create a vintage aesthetic as well as cute little pockets, tags, envelopes, etc.

My favorites are made by Stamperia.  Maxi scrapbooking pad 12”x12” (
Journal AestheticDocument Your JourneyLeave Your Loved Ones With A Thoughtful And Artistic Memoir Embellished JournalCreate Beautiful Layouts With Scrapbooking Supplies!They Will Be Appreciated In Years To Come! Creative JournalingFind Aesthetics That Define You!I love vintage papers and celestial imagery!

Nature Journal:  I'm a nature girl and am very inspired by the metaphors and symbolism of the natural world! Sometimes I add pressed leaves or dried flowers from nature walks.

Nature JournalNature JournalWhen did the tulips bloom in your garden this year? When was the first snowfall? What is the symbolism behind your favorite trees and flowers?

Travel Journal: A place to record my dream destinations ( Hello, United Kingdom, Canadian Wilderness, and any cute little lakeside destination that will host me!)

Quotation Journal: A place I record quotes from books and influential speakers that inspire and comfort me (Recommended variation: song lyrics journal)  (Favorite place to discover inspiring quotes )

Enlightenment Mantra Journal: A place for more philosophical and meditative quotes and affirmations 

I embellished my vegan leather mantra journal with a pretty silk ribbon, an antique key, and jewelry charms. 

Tree of Life Journal (Vegan Leather Notebook): Inc. Peter Pauper Press: 9781441325747: Office Products

Vintage Journal AestheticPersonalize Your Journals!I use ribbons, jewelry charms, antique keys, and tags!

Full Moon Journal: I had this idea to write every full moon and record what I did that day as well as the spiritual meaning/lore behind that month's Full moon. (Recommended variations: Sunday Journal, Holiday Journal, Birthday Journal)

Every Day Journal: Includes lists, project ideas, notes from books I'm reading or videos I have watched.

I love these lightweight journals by Blue Angel Publishing. They include colorful imagery and thought provoking quotes. 

Inner Reflections Journal: Writing & Creativity Journal: Salerno, Toni Carmine: 9780738760773: Books

Creative Writing JournalShop For Journals That Are Decorative And Functional!I purchase my journals on-line and from discount stores.

Stream Of Conscious/Morning Pages Journal: Inspired by a concept I read about in The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron ~ This is where I write whatever is in my head that needs to come out; doubts, complaints, the ugly stuff! I pay no attention to grammar, sentence structure, etc.  The philosophy behind this journal is that if you release the repressed thoughts there will be more room in your mind for creative thinking! I HIGHLY recommend this practice!

Altered Art Journal: This is my go to when I feel as if I must engage in an artistic process! It's an antique book I paste words and collage thematic images into. I also embellished the cover with lace, paper flowers, and vintage fairy imagery!

Altered Art Journal, Junk Journal, Embellished journal, Fairy JournalUse Journals As An Outlet For Your Imagination And Creativity! collage journalAltered Art Collage / Junk JournalRepurpose Supplies From Past Craft Projects To Create Unique Layouts!


Guided Journals and Planners:  I have these to assist me with business goals/organization/motivation

I highly recommend and LOVE the planner I purchased this year!   Many people keep bullet and list journals, as well. This planner allows you to do so within it! : Legend Planner PRO Hourly Schedule Edition - Undated Deluxe Weekly & Daily Organizer with Time Slots. Time Management Appointment Book Journal for Work & Personal Life, A4 Size Hardcover - Rose Gold : Office Products

therapeutic journalingJournal To Plan Your Life And Organize Your Thoughts Life is less overwhelming and easier managed when you can see your thoughts and plans on paper!

Journals make fabulous gifts!

Many of mine are gifts from family members or purchased with gift certificates. I also gift them to my daughter who finds solace in the writing and creative process, as well!  I feel it is extremely important to teach a younger generation how to organize their thoughts and express themselves! 

I recommend journaling as an outlet, a vehicle to creativity, expression, healing, and a constructive way to document your unique and extraordinary life!


Footnote: I am a creator and old-fashioned girl at heart. Thus, I love embellishment! I see embellishment as personalization. Most of my embellishments are done at low cost with inexpensive ribbons and charms from craft and discount stores. I love to repurpose items I have around the house. I also adore thrifting when I have a creative objective! 

Additional Journal Theme Ideas: 

Gratitude Journal * Dream Journal * List Journal * Bucket List Journal * Memorial Journal * Recipe Journal * Favorite Book Journal * Genealogy/Heritage Journal * Aesthetic Collage Journal * Creative Brainstorm Journal * 

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