A Place For Young Creatives

April 13, 2024

A Place For Young Creatives

When I was a carefree little girl growing up in Central New York I would often escape to the woods near my home. My beloved playmate, Danny and I wandered the woodland hills, swung on grapevines, climbed trees, and danced among the lush Northeast woodland ferns whenever the weather or our schedules would allow. We picnicked, we chased the things in our imaginations, and created a world where only a few acres of land was our Narnia. THIS was my first sign that my imagination would be my refuge and my sanctuary for life!

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When I was a bit older I discovered the power of music and creating what was in my imagination. I played the clarinet and as nerdy as that instrument seems I was able to find solace and community expressing myself by making music both on my own and with others.  It came easily to me. It saved me in many ways. I connected with my best friends, found a teacher who was changed me life, and I felt heard and taken seriously; something I desperately needed! If you have ever lived in your high school music or art room, you know EXACTLY what I am talking about!

Mainstream society often portrays the arts as superfluous and unnecessary. It portrays artists as people who squander their time doing "meaningless" tasks, don't deserve equality when it comes to recognition and reimbursement for their talents and time. I'm writing this blog to tell you those are THE BIGGEST LIES! YOUR CREATIVITY IS ESSENTIAL to society and can be your personal lifeline, your ticket to fulfillment, and even aid in healing others! I would not trade my creative sensibilities for ANYTHING!

I could give you a timeline of the various creative outlets that have gotten me through life. I could tell you how I designed a garden that looks enchanted on certain summer nights and show you photos of the bohemian jewelry I made when my children were teenagers. I could share poetry I have written or photos of my home decor and photography studio.  But I write this blog for YOU and not me.  I want this blog to give you permission to be YOU; permission to take yourself too seriously, permission to be eccentric, permission to write short stories and love songs. I want to give you permission to sketch, paint, dance, create art that matters, is cathartic, is messy, not perfect, and helps you shed your soul! I want you to be an unapologetically artsy, creative, expressive human being! This is YOUR life and your canvas can be anything you want it to be! Tune into the actions that make you feel alive, that heal and ground you. DO MORE OF THEM!

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In my work as a photographer some of my favorite clients are the young creatives; the ones who bring their journals, their instruments and their dance shoes to photo sessions!  I love when they trust me enough to show me the side that sometimes they feel uneasy showing their peers. When you walk into my studio you instantly know I am a creative! My studio isn't a barren room with a few backdrops. It's my haven! It holds my antique book collection, artisan candles, vintage cameras and suitcases, my best photography work, and ultimately creates a cozy warm atmosphere where I spend a few hours photographing each client. I welcome all types of people here and love sharing my space with them whilst learning about their lives!

I hope you OWN your art, your creative space, and your creative endeavors! I hope you are able to express them openly without fear of judgement. I hope you have found your special community, your sanctuary in the dance studio, the art room, or the practice room. I hope you write, dance, or sing your heart out! I hope you build a world that feels like HEAVEN every time you enter it! 

Feel free to contact me if this blog resonates with you! Also, if you would like to have me capture you creating YOUR ART please contact me at [email protected] 

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