Selecting A Senior Portrait Photographer

April 18, 2023

Amber Light Studio Senior PortraitPhoto Of The Gorgeous Allie


1. Referrals from friends are great but even better..LOOK on the photographer's website and social media pages to get a feel for the quality and style of their work!! Does the photographer have a unique style? This is what you are looking for! Get a sense of their personality and commitment to their profession on social media feeds as well!  View MY Facebook Page here: Amber Light Studio | Facebook

2Look at the work of multiple photographers! Don't just pick someone because you heard their name a few times! Extraordinary photography is ART and not just an act of pointing a camera, clicking, uploading, and cropping. (Ugh, many do this...) The BEST PHOTOGRAPHERS are experts in lighting as well as magnificent editors! They know how to expose a photo to bring out the perfect range of colors and also highlight the subject's features in flattering ways!

3. Know your budget and I beg you to VALUE the profession and time it takes to learn, prepare, and EDIT! (and purchase thousands of dollars worth of quality gear and props as well as build a website and pay for programs like Photoshop!) Photography sessions can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Remember a skilled photographer is truly an artist. I personally price my services so there is no minimum purchase when clients purchase digitals and prints. That way I can be affordable to ALL families. That being said, 90% of my clients do end up purchasing their entire gallery and value my work and time.  I am VERY grateful for that! ♥

4. Know your child! If your child HATES having their photo taken, you might be better off with a more generic less expensive studio and not paying the price for specialty personalized photography experiences like mine! That being said, a skilled photographer can get the shy child out of their shell and provide a fulfilling experience that results in art you can be proud of! 

5. When reaching out to potential photographers tell them exactly what you are looking for! Do you only want a yearbook photo? Are you the type that loves to share photos of their children with friends and hang a lot of photos on their walls? Does your child need a wide array of photos for you to showcase in arts programs, on senior night, etc.? A great photographer will also ask you questions and provide you with a multitude of ways to prepare for your session! I give my senior students a questionnaire and a session prep guide! I view my services as a collaboration between the subject and me..with an aim to please them and their parents! I run all over Central New York trying to create masterpieces with my clients!

6. Know that parenting these days is HARD...but even more difficult is being a teenager in this time of such social media pressure. Find a photographer that understands you are doing your best, understands your child is unique, may have some insecurities, and sees their business as a way to help them build confidence and express their authenticity! 

Senior Portrait Sessions are a BIG investment! After all, you are aiming to hire an educated, skilled, and personable individual to capture one of the people you love most in this world! Go into it knowing you have hired someone who is THE very best person to capture your child before they go off into the world! 

I hope this information helps! Enjoy this kick off to your child's SENIOR YEAR and let the magic begin! 

Peace, love, and light!



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